Helping Someone in Need

Even the richest person in the world cannot help EVERYONE, but we can all do our part by helping someone in need. It is not difficult to find someone who could use a helping hand in his hour of hardship or pain. There are many to whom society has not been entirely kind.

Although some people feel that those begging for help by holding out a cup as they approach strangers on the sidewalk of busy streets do not deserve money, there has to be a good reason they are there. Many are mentally ill or physically handicapped. Surely they would not be beggars on the street if things were going well for them. While it may be true that there are some scammers among them, most of these people are truly in need. It is an easy matter to give them a little cash or food.

Since we were attending a film showing in the city one night, we decided to eat first at an Italian restaurant. We had some leftovers, which we asked to have boxed up. We had intended to try to find a homeless person who might need food. Although we forgot to ask for a plastic fork, the waitress asked if we wanted utensils to which we replied yes. We went to the place where the movie was held, but we did not see any homeless persons so we took the bag of food with us. When we were walking to our car about 9 pm, we noticed that there was a man lying on the hard cement of the sidewalk next to a building. He was in bed for the night, but he was awake. My husband asked if he would like some food for which he seemed quite grateful. We also gave him some cash. He immediately ate the food, and he must have been going to bed hungry. It was a small gesture, but it was a way to help someone in need.

During World War II when Japanese Americans and immigrants from Japan who were living on the West Coast of the United States were incarcerated in camps, they experienced much discrimination and hatred against them. They found few friends as they were forced to leave their homes. After the war was over and those who could do so returned to their former places of residence, most found that there was nothing left of their property and belongings. However, there were some few who were fortunate enough that someone had helped them in their need. Some kind neighbors cared for the homes and possessions of those few lucky Japanese Americans.

Drug-Free Pain Relief For Spinal, Hip and Shoulder Pain

Many suffering people have concerns about taking pharmaceutical drugs for their aches and pains. They see newscasts, documentaries and newspaper and magazine articles outlining the harmful effects of medications. Awareness of possible addiction from opioid drugs, side effects of gastrointestinal, kidney and heart disease from nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and the dangers of steroids cause us to be leery of taking chemicals that can cause deleterious reactions.

Fortunately a recent research study reveals that there is an alternative called chiropractic care for musculoskeletal pain that is drug-free, effective, less costly and has high patient satisfaction. The scientific information was published in August 2015 in the respected Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT). This research journal has been in existence for 38 years and is a superior resource when considering conservative alternative approaches to traditional medicine.

The study consisted of 403 patients who initially saw a medical doctor and 316 patients who initially saw chiropractors for spinal, hip and shoulder pain. The purpose of the research was to identify differences in pain outcome, patient satisfaction and financial costs of patients who first visited either a medical doctor or a Doctor of Chiropractic.

The researchers of the study found a marked difference between patients of the medical and of the chiropractic groups. Patients who initially saw a chiropractor had a significant improvement of their pain versus those who had sought medical help. Also, patients had a much higher satisfaction with the chiropractic care they received versus those who had taken the medical path. It was also determined that patients saved an average of $368 per case if they took the route of seeing a chiropractor instead of medical care. This equates to over $100,000 of savings for the chiropractic group and would be greater than $225,000 if all 719 patients had received therapy from a chiropractor.

For those unfamiliar with chiropractic care a brief explanation of this healing approach is in order. The chiropractic profession formally began in the United States 120 years ago in 1895. To become a chiropractor requires schooling at undergraduate colleges and universities. Following this, five years of education is required at one of the 17 chiropractic colleges located in the United States. This education is similar to that found in other healthcare fields such as medicine, dentistry and optometry. Education in subjects such as anatomy, physiology, pathology and other classes make up the basic sciences. Clinical education involves diagnosis, x-ray/imaging, treatment methods and internship. Of course national and individual state level testing and certification must be met.

What makes chiropractic care unique for patients is the conservative approach that it takes. Chiropractic therapy involves hands-on manual therapies to correct disorders of the neuro- musculoskeletal system. It does not involve the use of drugs and surgery.

This is exactly what many people suffering from pain are looking for and the research study published by the JMPT confirms what many patients have already experienced and what previous research has already determined.

Simple and Effective Ways to Pay Student Loans Faster

Education is indeed very important in each person’s life. But sad to say, not all people can afford to pay for school expenses. Good thing numerous financial aids have become available these days. In this article, we’re going to talk about student loans. As you know, they are designed to help students pay for university tuition, books, and other expenses. Do you know of someone who has tried to get a student loan? Or have you done it yourself? If so, then you know that paying it can be really intimidating. But hey, no need to worry! Here are some basic tips that can help you pay your loan faster:

1. Aim to pay while you’re still in school.

In doing so, you help yourself avoid dealing with higher interests; hence, you can save more money. Moreover, expenses become bigger once you finish school; once you face the “real world”. So, yes, it would be best to start paying your loans while you’re still in school.

2. Budget your money.

This should be a given. Whether or not you have loans to pay, you should always budget your money. Doing this will help you spend wisely and properly deal with all your financial obligations. It will also save you from so much stress, and enable you to save money for other important expenses.

3. Pay more than what is required.

How much do you have to pay per month? If you can, pay more than the required amount. Doing this will also save you from so much stress and allow you to pay your loan faster. Just make sure you have enough money for other expenses, okay? Don’t force yourself to pay faster if your budget tells you otherwise.

4. You may want to enroll in auto-debit.

How does this work? When you do this, your loan service will automatically make deductions from your bank account each month. You kind of “force” yourself to pay regularly; but in a positive way, of course. It helps you attend your monthly responsibility. Additionally, enrolling in auto-debit can give you several benefits including discounts.

5. Stay positive.

As said earlier, paying loans can be really intimidating. But with positive mind and attitude, you can surely make it. Staying positive is actually a default tip when it comes to reaching your goals; whatever they are. If you want to make things happen, you have no choice but to keep a positive mind. But hey, make sure to observe good money practices too. Save and budget your money, and spend wisely. What’s the sense of staying positive if you’re not doing anything to reach your goal?

These are just some helpful ways to pay student loans faster. Probably, you have realized that you need to make some sacrifices to make it happen. Also, you need to be knowledgeable about different opportunities concerning loan payment. Aside from the tips discussed above, look for other practices that might help you. Don’t be too anxious. You can surely pay your loans provided you have the discipline, determination, and right attitude.

Strange And Crazy World Of Human Beings

Life on Earth is enchanting and thrilling. A person should live and experience it to realize the full import of life. Life becomes colorful when varied experiences teach the tricks and tactics of it. Some see the problems alone, ignoring the potentials and opportunities hidden within them. Listed here are some of the interesting happenings around the world to appreciate the life itself.

The Marriage breaks: A woman sued the husband as he wanted to break up with her after winning $1 million in a lottery. She sought $286000 to take care and educate their eight-month-old son. In another case, an Islamic man sought divorce from wife within two months of their marriage by sending a message through the Whatsapp. The word ‘Talaq’ was simply repeated thrice in that message.

Welfare matters: A Briton father was fined with £120 by the Education department for taking his daughter on holiday during school term time. Otherwise, the girl had perfect attendance. He challenged the country’s strict policy in the court who later overturned the penalty of the State. The father argued as ” My kids’ education is more important to me, but equally responsible for their welfare. If I thought, their studies would be affected, I wouldn’t have taken them on this tour.” However, there was no such fine for his other daughter attending a private school.

Population issue: Some Asian nations advocate the policy of small family to contain their bulging population while many European countries indulge in motivating their citizens towards increasing the population. In Russia, women who gave birth on National Day, 12th June, could win fridges, money, and even cars. Italy also provides financial and other incentives for new mothers. In Denmark, an ad firm persuades mothers to encourage their adult children to have kids by sending them on vacations. The tagline of the ad is “Do it for Denmark, do it for mom.” A recent study by a hospital suggested that instead of consuming lots of liquids, having sex at least three to four times a week could facilitate the easy passage of kidney stones.

Death forecast: A terminally ill person, the director of a firm, posted on his LinkedIn profile to announce the dates of death next week and funeral thereafter before he ends his life at an euthanasia clinic. He was suffering from aggressive motor neuron disease, a rare condition that progressively damages parts of the nervous system, leading to muscle weakness, making it difficult to do the normal activities like walking, speaking, and even breathing. The self-declaration of him read, “Died with Eternal spirit on October 19, 2015, and funeral on November 21, 2015.”

The New White House Student Loan Scorecard

Student loan debt in the U.S. keeps climbing without any real end in sight. At last count, the amount of student loan debt in the United States was somewhere near $1.2 Trillion. This is something that President Obama wants to put an end to, and it’s also a topic that Obama brought up nearly two years ago.

The Promise

Two years ago, President Obama told press that he would be ranking colleges based on the amount of federal aid given compared to the amount of academic success graduates from those colleges had. It has taken a full two years to compile the list, but the White House has finally released these rankings.

The new “College Scorecard” can be accessed at, and it aims to give future college graduates a better overall look at the price of college compared to the amount of success graduates from those colleges have overall. Students can search for colleges based on a degree, the size of the college, location, and other factors. It is also possible to enter the name of a college directly into the database for additional information.

The Details

When searching through the database, students can see things like the average cost to attend a school, the number of graduates, and the average salary that can be expected after attending and graduating from a school. The idea is a good one – and it aims to cut back on the amount of student loan debt – but some colleges have not yet been entered into the database.

The Reason

The new database is a good way for students to learn how much it costs to attend a school as compared to the amount they can be expected to make when graduating. The idea is that if a student sees that the cost of attendance is far higher than the average salary, that student may not choose to attend that particular school. Will it work?

It’s too early to say whether or not the new scorecard will be effective. However, it is a first step towards lowering the amount of student loan debt accrued in the United States. At this time, however, the scorecard does not help students that are already facing financial distress as a result of too much student loan debt.

Getting Out of Student Loan Debt

It can be difficult (and frustrating) to get out of student loan debt once that debt starts piling up. A large number of students default on loans simply because they cannot afford to pay back those loans. If you’ve exhausted all your options, you may want to consider contacting a qualified attorney (some of whom offer free consultations), to evaluate your case and see if you are a good candidate to file bankruptcy.