Debt Relief – Understanding How Stimulus Monies Benefit Consumers in Debt

Government is working hand in hand with the public to get them debt relief. Government has launched different programs to stimulate liability elimination methods. Creditors were previously not ready to allow people get out of liability issues with the aid of liability elimination methods. But the debt relief programs, started by the government have persuaded them to go for the liability relief options. Government’s plans have not only provided relief to debtors, these programs have even provided relief to creditors. Due to all these debt relief plans, the economic situation of the country has started getting better. In this article I am going to talk about different government plans, and how these plans have helped the debtors and the creditors.

Different government debt relief plans include:

i. Tax breaks: Government has provided tax breaks on investments and profits earned. Due to this different liability relief programs have been used to get out of liability issues. Government has provided tax breaks to investors and that is why they have earned a lot of money and have been able to pay off their debts with the money earned. The creditors are even lending a lot of money due to these tax breaks on profits. Tax breaks have stimulated liability settlement, a liability relief program. People have earned money and settled their debts.

ii. Bailout plan: Government initiated a bailout plan; according to this plan the money lost by the creditors due to settling debt with the debtors will be given back to the creditors from the bailout plan. According to the liability settlement program, debtors are provided a discount of 60 to 70% on the original loan amount. This 60 to 70% is covered by the debtors, from the bailout plan. Creditors previously did not feel motivated to go for his method but now they are allowing debtors to settle debts because they are getting the remaining part of the money back.

iii. Government grant money: Government is providing money to debtors to pay off their debts. The debtors just have to fill out a proposal and application for the grant money and then these proposals and applications are reviewed by the federal government. If the federal government feels that the person filling out the proposal and application are eligible then they are provided with grant money. Grant money can be used to settle debt or pay of the entire debt amount. It can be used to start new businesses so people can earn money and pay their debt through that money. This way they will get debt relief and will be able to stand back on their feet.

Getting out of debt through a debt settlement process is currently very popular but you need to know where to locate the best performing programs in order to get the best deals. To compare debt settlement companies it would be wise to visit a free debt relief network which will locate the best performing companies in your area for free.

How Can You Make Money In MLM?

Whether or not you make money in MLM will highly depend on how you go about it. For a very long time, MLM has been known to mess up people’s reputations due to the fact that they have to keep bugging their families and friends trying to “force” them to buy products or join the network marketing programs. The most embarrassing thing in this is the fact that most people who have been doing that eventually do not make money in MLM, give up and go back to struggling financially.

First of all, it is important to choose the right network marketing company for you to make money in MLM. This has to be a company that deals in products which you love and can market well. Get to know the reputation the company has and what compensation plan they use. The company’s products should be patented and in great demand. Finally, compare the prices of the products offered with others in the market and see if the products are fairly priced. Be very careful when choosing a network marketing program so that you don’t end up selling products which do not work, are not in demand or are overly priced.

Next, set up a good network marketing website of your own. Do not include the name of the company anywhere on the side or any of the names of the products. Use a name which reflects the benefits of how you can help people. You can run some ads, submit articles to directories, use press releases and do some social media marketing.

Be careful about the content you post. Make sure you avoid talking about the network marketing company in the site. Instead, write mostly about problems which may be solved by people getting in touch with you. Take a look at all the infomercials out there all the products solve a problem. Most any advertisement if it’s written well is gonna bring up problems and solve them. This will attract people who want to solve such problems.

Get as many people as possible on your mailing list from where you can directly sell to them and introduce them to the business. Position yourself as the expert by offering them a free report on the problems your product can solve for them and make life easier for them. Bring out the benefits of consuming your product. Benefits are what sales a product. Make sure you are very good in closing sales, generating and training downlines. These tips will help you to be very successful and make money in MLM.

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In The Ghetto

“On a cold and gray Chicago morn another little child is born, in the Ghetto.” That song opening of Elvis Presley’s still sends chills not because of the words cold and gray, even though in Chicago there are periods when the weather is not all that nice, the connotation is one that resonates a very harsh reality facing new born children especially in surroundings that really are already harsh enough. Take for instance Cabrini Green the infamous housing project that stood as a focal point for the poor, the impoverished, and even families. Where thousands were living in conditions that were unconscionable and yet with so little options left they continued to call the projects home.

These high-rises became a symbol of urban blight. They were towering testaments to the failure of Chicago’s and the rest of the countries public housing. Well intended at first as the solution to the nation’s poor where they could have shelter away from the realities on the streets. But, in reality they became nothing more than self imposed prisons. All to often locked behind closed doors to escape the horrendous conditions just outside their front door. To provide safe shelter to the poorest of the poor as our illustrious politicians so adamantly stated on many occasion. Yet, it is our politicians who continue to try to hide the poor by now integrating them in just another form of public housing. But, still without the means to actively pursue ways of ever leaving the poverty rolls. It is these housing projects have only ended up being a haven for drug dealers, gangs and other criminals that continue to target the poor. In the case of Cabrini Green when these projects became so infest with crime the city officials had no choice but to relocate people from these poorest neighborhoods and spread them out into various locations around the city. Did it stop the crime? Some say yes, but, many others say it only transferred crime to other areas. The poor still were poor, crime though not as rampant only continued.

Did the closure of Cabrini’s high-rises mark the end of an ugly era in public housing? Or are subsidized housing no matter the style continue to encourage more poverty? The 70-acre development was initially hailed as a salvation for the city’s poor that was emulated nationwide. But it quickly decayed into a virtual war zone, the kind of place where children were gunned down on their way to school and girls were sexually assaulted and left for dead in stairwells. In housing projects all across the country little has been done to stop the onslaught of the rapidly rising rate of the nations poor who end up in pubic housing. Changes have been made though from the plighted neighborhoods to now single family and town homes have begun to replace the towering housing projects of the late 1960’s. But so much more needs to be done. This is so apparent with the nations rising rate of homelessness and single parent families.

What has transpired since the 1960’s is only a continuation of a losing battle in the war on poverty. Like the war on drugs, both have been dismal failures for decades. We can’t put the blame solely on government policies of the past 45 years for why this nation has the largest number of citizens that live on or below the poverty line. The way our society has evolved plays a very important factor. Maybe, if the United States maintained the moral values that defined generations prior to the 1970’s, maybe, if our educational systems maintained the curriculums of the 1950’s through 1960’s with the addition of newer technologies, and maybe if our leaders of corporate America maintained a sense of fair play in the workplace all played a significant role in the rise of a nations poor that continue to live in Ghetto’s all across the country.

Today, what is happening doesn’t even come close to solving or gaining an upper hand in reducing the nations poor. For example when the residents of housing projects are relocated or gain section 8 housing grants these individuals still are poor but are now expected to maintain property at the same level as their neighbor who is not receiving any governmental assistance. In too many instances all across the country the intentions are there but the financial means are not. Another prime example of how ineffective our government and corporate America is in helping reducing our nations poor in reality continues to make any attempt at getting out of housing projects and off of section 8 that much more difficult.

How To Get The Perfect Job

Many say that if you enjoy your work then it isn’t really work at all – but getting to this situation isn’t easy. According to a study, over 80% of people don’t love their work. So what is the secret to success that so few have managed to achieve, and how can you find work you love?

The first problem is that a lot of people do a job because they think they’re supposed to, or because someone has told them that they should. Therefore, many end up sleepwalking into jobs that they ultimately do not like. Those who choose to be more independent, and discover their own life route, have a greater chance of finding happiness in their job.

Taking a look at somebody who has found the right job and assessing how they’ve got where they have is a good start – you can use their methods to make improvements to your own life. Work out their approach to life and how they pursue their goals, and then use this framework. From there, you can establish the direction you want to take, find the drive to do it, and convince yourself that you can make it. It’s time to stop listening to people who tell you that you cannot do something. Replace these negative thoughts with positive emotions to instil self belief in yourself.

Finding what you’re really interested is also harder than you may think. You may be keen on things that you have never properly explored, so grasp any opportunities that you get to try something new. Do not close yourself off to anything or consider it out of bounds, as that will only hinder you from reaching the objectives you have set yourself.

Another issue is that there is a perception that many things are impossible, when in fact, they are just feats that no one yet has achieved. Hence, if you have a passion, you should chase the dream, even it sounds ridiculous. Simplifying things is essential: instead of worrying, doubting or giving up on your passion, you should go after it. What’s the worse that can happen? Associate yourself with others that are chasing similar goals as you, and you will become inspired, and able to push yourself to greater heights.

It’s important not to get stuck in a trap. For those who have recently graduated or are in limbo and not able to find the job they want, giving into pressure and taking a job you do not want is a regressive move. While this may be good for short-term financial satisfaction, in the long-run, it is only going to make you more miserable. It may take time to get your desired work – and those times may be tough – but if you persist and keep trying, eventually you will reap the rewards.

In keeping with this idea, you should also make sure that money is not your priority. The old adage that money cannot buy you happiness is true. Of course, it’s not practical to do something that isn’t going to make you enough money to live on, but providing you can live a comfortable life it will not be a big concern. Plus, if you are doing a job that you love, you are far more likely to progress further in it, and as a result earn more anyway.

If you’re already in a job you dislike quitting it is the first major step. The statistics show that more and more people are taking this leap of faith. Recently, for the first time, there are more people giving up their job than there are being sacked. That in itself suggests more and more people are heeding the advice and changing their life. And if they can do it, why can’t you? Just think how much more productive the world would be if everybody was doing a job they were passionate about.

There is no quick fix to find work you love. It’s a gradual process and you are not likely to make significant progress overnight, but by making adjustments now and changing your approach to life, you will begin to notice improvements. You will become more productive as you drive yourself forward, and over time, the job you thought was a fantasy can be made a reality.

The Old Monied Dupont Nemours and Roosevelt Families Buy a Tax Haven

Want to know why and how the old monied Dupont Nemours and Roosevelt families were able to buy 4,000 acres of waterfront property on the island of Provindentcials in the tax free, crown colony (or “Overseas Territory”) of the Turk and Caicos Islands for 1 cent an acre?

This 4,000 acre sale (now a marina and resort town – with an airport for jumbo jets (the $50,000,000 airport was donated by the UK government) went down in the 1970’s – not the 1870’s!?!?

Source: A Turks & Caicos Government 3 full page advertisement in Investor’s Daily (1985).

Was this the most profitable real estate investment of the 20th century? A quarter acre lot in the gated community of Sandyport here in Nassau, Bahamas sells for approximately $260,000 today. Half acre canal lots in Lyford Cay sell for about one million dollars.

Do the math. On an initial investment of just $40, the 4,000 acre property might be worth almost 4 BILLION dollars today.

YOU BE THE JUDGE…. Are the use of the world’s tax havens a blessing or a detriment? Before you answer, see some of the IRS’s loopholes from our “Tax Code” – discovered for your viewing below, and buried inside the tax law for the taxpayers! There’s a very important loophole for the non-resident alien you should not overlook!

The Turks & Caicos Islands

Situated 575 miles south east of Miami, Florida in the warm aquamarine waters of the Caribbean Sea, the Turks & Caicos Islands (“TCI”) offer an unequalled quality of life with all the necessary ingredients: a sound and stable economy and government, a central location, convenient international air transportation, modern health care facilities, a low crime rate, friendly people and beautiful beaches. TCI is also a well recognized and respected offshore financial center offering a broad range of well regulated financial services from private banking to company and trust formation and management.

The Turks & Caicos Islands are an archipelago of more than 40 islands forming the southeastern end of the Bahamas chain. There are two principal groups, each surrounded by a continuous coral reef. Caicos is the larger group and includes Providenciales, Middle (or Grand) Caicos, and the islands of North, South, East and West Caicos, plus numerous small cays, some of which are inhabited. The Turks group, separated by a 35km-wide (22-mile) channel of water, consists of Grand Turk, Salt Cay and a number of small uninhabited cays.

The islands are each a vacationers paradise with some of the finest diving in the world minutes from shore, particularly on the islands of Grand Turk, Salt Cay and South Caicos. The islands benefit from an ideal tropical climate (an average annual temperature 80 F degrees) and endless miles of sandy beaches.

TCI has in recent years been one of the fastest growing economies in the Caribbean and is rapidly becoming recognized as a premier tourist/dive destination where visitors and residents alike can enjoy a unique quality of life.

The islands were part of the UK’s Jamaican colony until 1962, when they assumed the status of a separate crown colony upon Jamaica’s independence. The governor of The Bahamas oversaw affairs from 1965 to 1973. With Bahamian independence, the islands received a separate governor in 1973. Although independence was agreed upon for 1982, the policy was reversed and the islands remain a British overseas territory.2